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TGI: from TimeWaster to filowarrior

AuthorTGI: from TimeWaster to filowarrior
i lease my TGI to filowarrior under these terms:
-returning a TGI within a month or 400 000 gold
-you send me both thief arts obtained from your thief guild levels
-if returned in 15 days or less, i return one art of my choosing
yay! lol thnx timewaster
i'vee just use it so can u start the day thing now plz
10-06-09 07:27: Transferred item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] to filowarrior.

due date: 11-06-09.
closed by TimeWaster (2009-10-06 17:12:34)
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