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Leasing TGI to MrSelfDestruct

AuthorLeasing TGI to MrSelfDestruct
denkleinegast rents out his TGI to MrSelfDestruct on following terms:

- TGI needs to be returned in 30 days
- MrSelfDestruct pays 20K gold as transfer fee, olso the gold for the first 2 weeks of rent.
- after 2 weeks MrSelfDestruct pays me for each extra day 2500 gold

Any transfer of received TGI is forbidden.
TGI must be returned in 30 days, otherwise MrSelfDestruct has to pay a 400,000 gold penalty
agreed.. 20k as down payment for first two weeks.. @2k par day for 14 days = 28k total. 8k remaining after 20 k paid.

2500 per day for any day over 2 weeks..

cheers, dude.

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