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Seraph's Tears


AuthorSeraph's Tears
don't get me wrong, i'm still positive :} being positive for a long, long time :o}
I hate this name. Awful. Unlike all other locations, it doesn't even sound like a place. We have Dale, Hills, Lakes, Coast, Bay, Ridge, and then ... Tears??? It's like, Orange, Apple, Grape, Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, and then ... Salmon!
We have Dale, Hills, Lakes, Coast, Bay, Ridge, and then ...

Then Tears. Yes. Looking at the map more closely you can make a wild guess about what "Tears" refers to...
Of course I know what it refers to. It doesn't take that much imagination.

But metamorphical names like this should be used only for a landmark, or at most a small area. It would be ok for the waterfall, but inappropriate for the entire region.
make a wild guess about what "Tears" refers to...

nah.... tear refer to a source of water at most of time, perhaps it is a fountain? :)
another thing just poke me....

the word 'Seraph' just recall me that it was the alternative upgraded angel in HoMM5, is it telling us that knight's tier 7 unit - angel WILL BE seraph but not archangel? ;)

the name of the new map, Seraph's tear = angel tear? hope that we dont get attacked by other monster but only angel on that map? ;p
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The 'Seraph's Tears' neighbourhood is attacked by a huge 'Army of dark elves {2}' daily. Hurry over there and cope with them! You have 3 attempts and 180 minutes.

Award: 149 gold

? i just travel to Serahp's tears to start the contruction it's my work
i failed in 6th day
i give up on sepahps tears quest
i failed on day one:
i thought when there are 50 provisions and 50 eating people so all get their share, no one is hungry and i can still collect food the next day. Or do they eat after recruiting new people?
for Van_GM:

Unfortunately the survival requirement is not non-negative food, but a positive ammount of provision.
so if i have 1 farmer and 49 recruiter on day 1 it should work :)
Van_GM .. yes
there's a discussion thread about the text quest(s) here:

11-06-09 18:03: Quest "Outpost" successfully accomplished by NatureLord. Scored 100 points out of 100. Award 1,000.

Constant link for your result: https://www.lordswm.com/quest_summary.php?id=6454&key=d625e7fb1d9d17f659fd6dc5ce00de78
at last it's done!

You only need a little luck, the rest is maths : )

Quest "Outpost" successfully accomplished by ByronX. Scored 100 points out of 100. Award 1,000.

Constant link for your result: https://www.lordswm.com/quest_summary.php?id=6527&key=889b939b670eb885a40dfeb83c0c3581
how many times you tryed?
What could it mean?(c)=)
you know how it says Inn in East Bay. I went on it and then went to Seraph's Tears but I don't get what you have to do in the Text Quest? Can any of you help?
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