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New units - which do you think, is the best?


AuthorNew units - which do you think, is the best?
Top 5
1.Druids/Efks/Sprites/Elven/unicorns/fairies etc
2.Shrews(can they change hair color?a person said they could)

EHheh the top 5 i dislike
1.Orcs(hair,YES hair)
3.Wolfhounds and cerbs they look ugly
5.VAMpires and counts.U cant see any difference between btoh
vamp and ghost.
Swordsmens looks awesome now
My favourite has to be Enchanted Gargs.
Swordsmens looks awful now

well, farmer and recruits arent bad. they become slimmer ROFL

but, somehow, slimmer body shape doesnt improve the initiative LOL i thought they can move faster after keep fit ;p
The new gargs actually look fierce and they look like they are actually attacking rather than just petting the enemy...

Yep, they look awesome, rather than just running around.

They look like they want to kill someone :)

and they were more shiny... =D than ever (golems too)
Lich upgrade!
Lolz, the update drive me mad! Now I can only spam the forum, no more enroll via mobile!
I like all of the new looks. They are much more detailed now. And I love the way vamps jump up when revived from dead :D Or zombies loosing heads in the heat of the battle! ;)
And I like how necro lord teleport. Looks great. But I don't like that below the waist punch that necro lord does. Where is the honor in that?
Xbowmen is just like arming a machine gun hahahaa
the flyers really look awkward when they fly their wing size must be shortened.
i liked the way they were earlier...
liches also lokk nice i thin;)
Sprites' and faeries' new attacking moves are terribly slow. Must be a pain to use them in hit-and-run hunting...
for gem85:
And less prettier , it looks as if they are showering a handful of flowers at the enemy .

Prefered the old ones !
they use drug flowers :)
Sprites' and faeries' new attacking moves are terribly slow.

the demon attack is also really slow, i have animation speed on instant, so everything is fast exept hero attack :(
everything is fast exept hero attack :(
New Demon hero attack is still an improvement.

The sprites _are_ terribly slow tho, drug flowers or not :)
my shrew hair sometime become blue colour in some combat... anyone notice this?
but when view back the combat, it bcome red :(
for beasthunder:
Yeah, it's a funny bug(or admin's present=).As i know, they can be blue, green, blond and rainbow=)
It's like zombie without head)
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