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AI total flawed

AuthorAI total flawed
https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=484488831 look at this fight how could i have won?
hm... put a farmer in front of him so he cant move.
But its probably a game bug that he didnt return
they actually couldn,t have reached but if u see my logic i thought ai would have moved only a few spaces
hehe, double bug in that case
shrews with 9 speed and not returning after the attack.
You can report it in this topic:
All bugs from the "grand update" are reported there, so admins can fix them soon =)
what are you talking about??
they only had 8 speed, and they didn't attack on their first move, so they shouldn't return, there was no bug in that battle..
^^ Thats probably wild shrews, not tamed by any hero.
Actually no bug.

The AI priority are:
1. hit somebody (shoot/cast)
2. If can't hit, get as near to the enemy as possible.

1. Instead of moving just a few spaces it will always move the all way (all 9).
2. shrews did return when in range to attack (against the wolf).
yeah but the subject wasn't about the bug or not it was about the ai
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Wrong Topic]
To win:
Block the shrews (so the AI can't move them)
When enemy in range of the shrews leave them an opening so they can strike and return.
Don't kill the nearest enemy if all the others are out of range of the shrews.
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Wrong Topic]
Yeah, that does seem a little dumb. Even the brainless enchanted gargoyles know not to run out ahead of their protectors.

I guess we'll just have to keep a lid on them until enemies are in range of strike and return.
Please stick to the existing topics. If you think it's a bug just report in in the corresponding topic; if you disagree about it, just say that in the general topic.
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