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Estates - What to expect

AuthorEstates - What to expect
A private Estate cannot be compared to character's castle, of course, but it possesses certain features that will make it rather indispensable in certain moments of game. These features are Troops ready and Mana regeneration to the owner, his or her spouse and their guests, and storage of the owner's artifacts.
The basic Estate can contain 10 items and increases the owner's restoration speed by 10%.
Now, every Estate can be upgraded by adding a series of annexes:

A] Restoration annexes speed up Troops ready and Mana restoration speed.
1) Bedchamber. Cost: 20,000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 15% to the owner, 10% to the guests. The spouse may be accommodated anywhere from this point.
2) Tea room. Cost: 30,000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 20% to the owner, 12% to the guests.
3) Mess-hall. Cost: 50,000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 25% to the owner, 15% to the guests.
4) Inn. Cost: 100000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 30% to the owner, 20% to the guests.
5) Victualling-house. Cost: 200,000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 35% to the owner, 25% to the guests.
6) Wine-cellar. Cost: 350,000 gold. Restoration efficiency: 40% to the owner, 33% to the guests.

B] Capacity annexes increase the item capacity of estates.
1) Closet. Cost: 10,000 gold. Total capacity - 15 items.
2) Cellar. Cost: 20,000 gold. Total capacity - 20 items.
3) Warehouse. Cost: 70,000 gold. Total capacity - 30 items.

C] Guest lounges. The owner of the Estate can rent out a room to other characters for a certain term. These lounges will serve as (A] Restoration annexes) to them. Building each new lounge increases the total number of renters you may lodge in your Estate by one.
1) First lounge. Cost: 50,000 gold.
2) Second lounge. Cost: 75,000 gold.
3) Third lounge. Cost: 100,000 gold.
4) Fourth lounge. Cost: 125,000 gold.
5) Fifth lounge. Cost: 150,000 gold.
6) Reception. Cost: 50,000 gold. Allows to toggle automatic renting lounges out on an off. The cost of automatic renting will be limited from 100 to 500 gold per day.

D] Trophy hall. Cost: 150,000 gold. Allows to display selected items, currently stored at the Estate, for everyone's view.

Finally, let me remind you:

-Visiting several estates/lounges is redundant, only the one with highest rate will give effect. Regeneration only has effect on its user if he or she is in the same location as the Estate. Manipulations with stored artifacts are also possible from home location only.
-Each Estate has a rank representing its development. The highest rank is five full stars, but upgrading to one of those is a costly luxury.
-More Estates auctions will be posted at a much later date, and the number of such lots will be considerably lower.
A new unprecedented market mechanics will be implemented upon the final minutes of Estates auctions.

Whenever a successful bid on any Estates auction occurs at the moment where there is less than 5 minutes time until the end of that auction, that auction gets extended to full 5 minutes since the bid moment.

In other words, an Estates auction will only end in case if full 5 minutes have passed since the moment of the last successful bid.
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