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Miliatry clans--a discussion

AuthorMiliatry clans--a discussion
Ok so this topic will be for keeping all the military clan discussion In one topic....

Ok I'll start does any1 no all the military clans
Maybe it would be interesting if admins made a Top Clans list as well.
Based on amount of members, levels and war achievements later on.
for taniser:
alexbb of WGW runs a list like that

for bobsrevenge999:
The most up-to date list of clans(including military ones) is here

Maybe you shouldn't have started the topic if you can't eally contribute to it..
Yeahh these military clans are great challenges to all clans to compete :) will increase the skills

Make like football :

There is the main team, reserves and under-21 :) will be good I think :)
@shebali.... Hmm i really just wanted somewhere people who had a question like me or wanted to discuss could
Hmm i really just wanted somewhere people who had a question like me

There's a thread in Q&h for that:

Oh ok then I'll keep it open for discussion
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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