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Penalty of 40k gold !

AuthorPenalty of 40k gold !
I did illegal transfer long before but when i knew that was cheating by a friend who told me the rules, i stopped it.
I never did after that day. That day, i have told Arctic and many ones that i did illegal tranfers but that i will never do it again.
And yet they give me a penalty.
Why is that ?
Did you keep the gold instead of sending it back when you found out it was wrong?
If you didn't return the gold the penalty is right as it should be :)
1) Since you did something wrong, admitting to it doesn't mean you won't get any punishment. No one should get away scot-free just because they admit to doing something wrong.

2) You were punished, but at least it was not an absolute account block.

Guess it had to happen.

Now. No discussion of penalties and punishments here. If you feel you are aggrieved by the punishment, contact Arctic directly.

Thread closed.
closed by Lady Takesister (2009-11-30 04:14:50)
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