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To All #181 Elite Warriors

AuthorTo All #181 Elite Warriors
This thread is intended for Elite Warriors members only, i do not have power to restrict but i do hope people respect what this thread is intended for.

Over the past few months, many changes have taken place. Starting from a long period of no updates, now when the updates come it seem kind of chaotic. The morale, the fun of this game starting to drift away, and as an Elite Warriors Members frustration start to kick in, from many events, including this tournament. But as Alyna said

____ _____ _____ ______ ____, you can always hate us.

Perhaps, it was my lacking in leadership or perhaps it was something else . Many thing have changed, and now there hasn't been a day that we don't log in without finding a new drama. But regardless this is still a game, i hope you all find a way to enjoy it regardless of the situation.

I hope you all are very proud about yourself, i noticed during this tournament, many of you have also been getting team up, but you didn't complain. The drama of this tournament, the dishonorable playing style. I hope as a members of EW, you show us the example how to play fair and honorable.
To those that left the clan because you just want to have fun. Please have fun for me and the rest of players who haven't played. If i will get punish of this, let it be. However, play to have fun, don't staged, be mean to those that are mean to you or other players. Do something that the rest of us can be proud of :)

Over the years, we have choosen our players carefully, those that doesn't have our character slowly leave the clan, while those who wish to have fun remain. What make up this clan is the character of everyone, we have players everywhere in the world, and for some who probably don't even understand my clan message. But hey, we're a family.

I ask all of you to stay focus, avoid answering any thread that flame us, because i don't think it does any help anyway. Read it, laugh if it's funny and move on. Let's put our laser focus on playing this game and enjoying ourselves on every aspect of this game. Not only you guys, but i must do the same thing.

So our goals.

1. Stop with all the reply to unecessary threads
2. Play and enjoy this tournament, make me proud (not because of winning but because of the sportsmanship)
3. If anyone team up together in the tournament unfairly or blatantly in the beginning of the game, take care of those players for us.
4. Play this game ethically

I thank you all EW members, any comments here are welcome. Put down all the anger, frustration. And enjoy.

/salute ViSao

There will always people that take games personally - everywhere on the internet - and in the end they miss the point of the game... to have fun.

And if some parts of the game are naturally frustrating to you ( like this tournament for example ) you may as well just skip them... Most of the things you can do in this game are fun and balanced and don't have anything to do with treachery and weird ethic dilemmas... Play those fights - enjoy them.
Try to understand with EW-clan by problems inside clan, it is not necessary to all players to think above your problems.
ViSao - you better would think how to organize tournament battles at 14 level, differently I begin to think that yours "elite" 14 warriors - simply to be afraid to play with us in tournament
bah... if the thread is just for EW clan. why dont you post with clan mail?
Well, I think this is a clan issue and should be posted in your clan thread if you did not want to Clan mail it.

So thread closed.
closed by Lady Takesister (2009-12-04 09:20:51)
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