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i cannoy buy steel helmet from artifact shop even if i have required resources and golds
[Player banned by moderator Straws until 2009-12-06 02:30:57 // 2. The topic header should briefly reflect the main point.]
your inventory is full?
8 ore are missing ;)
Is your inventory full?

Something like 32:3:0/35?

The summary of numbers on the left should be lower than the one the number on the right. 32+3+0 are items you have/ 35 is inventory capacity in this example.
Also..8 ore are missing ;)

I guess you would notice the message you get when your inventory is full and you want to buy something from the artifact shop.
rocco1 likes to thank, it were the 8 ore (he wrote in pm). Problem solved. ,)
QATC then.
closed by Omega22 (2009-12-06 05:36:15)
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