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Is Angel the weakest tier 8 creature

AuthorIs Angel the weakest tier 8 creature
So, wat's ur answer
Firstly, they are Tier 7. Secondly, no, they are not the weakest.
They are tier 7.

What do you use to decide that it is strong or weak? Each tier 7 creatures has its own ability. In my opinion, it's not the weakest.
Starting with the fact that they are always doing the Exact same dmg, can be calculated easily and can be used wisely in a strategy is actually one of the best thing the angel have, then if you consider their stats, no the angel isnt the weakest
skeleton dragons are the weakest...

Nothing to make it a special tier 7. just a boring melee flyer with no distinct flavour.

And lol the worse damage AND so susceptble to curse
highest number BUT STILL no better total hp (EVEN with 3 creatures) than others... where is the undead properties here: Quantity over quality???
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