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can arctic unbloke players?

Authorcan arctic unbloke players?
can u artic unbloke palkiax pls? i will do what ever u want tif u unbloke him me i need your help
He wont.
If the reason for his block was valid, he wont undo anything because he would have to do his job twice.
Local read me:
4. Questions regarding penalties, unblock requests, and other kinds of communication with Administration are made with the help of Secretary (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4). If your combat level is below the 3rd and you can't use the private mail - either raise your level or ask your friends or clanmates. Contacting the Administration via "Queries & Help" is SENSELESS.
closed by Omega22 (2009-12-06 18:04:54)
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