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2.0 exp/fsp

Author2.0 exp/fsp
In the tournament we receive double exp and fsp
But the exp and fsp shown at the end is only the normal value right?
Its not doubled yet... ?

Because I am almost certain I had something like:
Knight: 2 (80.97) +10.0
and now I have Knight: 2 (88.23) +1.8 while I only earned ~4 fsp (shown in the screen at the end)

also my exp went from +310 000 to +301 257

But with other evens in the past, when we had +50% fsp or something (christmas, rat and cow and such)
You could 0,65 fsp at the end of the scorescreen, it was automatically added to it.....
I will check this next time.
closed by Sven91 (2009-12-06 21:19:51)
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