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Stuck in battle!!!

AuthorStuck in battle!!!
me too : (

In fact this happen all the combat when I try to kill the 1 zombie stack, I'll try changing tactics after reload, but the zombie attack my troops and was killed, now I can do nothing : (
it having the same problem making me lose every battle
great - now i'm stuck too... =(
omg.. i'm stuck too.
now what should i do to get out?
i do not know what the problem is but i am also stucked
Just wait. That's the thing you can do now. Everybody, remain calm... the problem should be fixed soon. Have faith in our admins. I bet they are trying their best to solve things here.
Just wait? Sure after 8 hours the battle is over. Great, I am stuck for last 2 hours, so just 6 more. This is fun. But I have faith in our admins, that this is not the last time this happens
Report it here.
closed by EROCS (2009-12-07 15:48:59)
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