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Which sword is better?

AuthorWhich sword is better?
I wonder if any of you can tell me, which one has better Attack/damage ?

*. Mithril Longsword with 10% Fire Enchant
*. Ruby Gladius with 8% Fire Enchant

For your reference, here are the characteristics of those arts.

== Mithril Longsword ==
+6 Attack
+2% Initiative
(increase melee damage by 5%)

== Ruby Gladius ==
+7 Attack
+1% Initiative
(increase melee damage by 7%)

BTW, let's ignore the COST (number of elements needed for the enchant) and only focus on the Attack/Damage efficiency.

What do you think? Which one is better?

PS: don't tell me that Ruby Gladius with 10% Fire enchant is better :p
So we have 2% fire + 1% ini against 5% physical + 2% melee.

I would go for ruby one(especially when I am DE). 5% is roughly 1 attack in most cases.
^^ Elf already have natural ini so if want some balance, take ruby.
Beside its a new toy! ;)
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