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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
omg gettin wow FSP !! :D
Combat level: 7 (395634) +4366

nice conversation between me and sirens

[Sirens]: ^_^ i dont like poison very much
[qio]: ;P
[qio]: let;s rock and roll
[Sirens]: who is afk??
[qio]: me of course
[Sirens]: thnx
[qio]: what u dd not know that
[Sirens]: i think its ur ma
[qio]: u r insulting me ?
[Sirens]: omg cant reach
[qio]: we did not even start
[Sirens]: but i know
[qio]: Really ?
[Sirens]: what?
[qio]: nothing I am looking to ur beautiful eyes
xD stupid AI
xD stupid AI

Combat level: 7 (395634) +4366

gratz machan !!! enjoy wit ur triple strike wolvies !!
this shall b a DS page :D
lets move !! MOVE IT !!!!
first floor clear !!!!!
darn u horsy !

did not see that coming !!!!!!!
and failed in the elevator xD
oh ya!
a militia blocked u from advancing :P
1 more moron rules - i leave... this is warning :P
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