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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
yes again
why you are all late ? ?
no one can rent me a SoM
bla bla bla !!! guys u hav to grow !!!!!! we r the greatest guys !!! filo, hewrin, no name and Goku_30!!!! coz we r the famous ones !!!!! always active and into forums !!!! y dont we create a clan for us ?!! the flooders !!
think abt it !!
I got no money :D
me too.....

but...goku has it.....
i no i thought about it once lol.... just us and coolahed if he ever comes back XD lol
Diversity has a clan called Rebel Flooders. So your too late suckers! xD
hey ...why delaying .... create and join .....
i got another char with 40k
hey.... he is just level 1 ;-P
lets join diversity then XD, anyway i can find anyone who willl lease me arts
for filowarrior:
Try google
hey..... who are we waiting for....

great idea, search ebay and buy a ruby gladius for me
wait. I'm err...errr Filling in some paperwork for out fight
for filowarrior:
Ebay's offline atm.
lol wait wait i need to get my things
who is going to create it ? ?
Wait gimme 10 mins~
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