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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
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Cheers ~~

hehe i will add u ! wats ur name again ?? i had the 8100 th post !!!!!! ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so guys lets talk abt our clan ?!!
wat r we gonna name it ?!
we r 4 rite ?
me, filo, hew and no name ... so we can name The Flooders 4 ( Fantastic 4 :P )
I'm not thinking of doing this "clan" much.
y is tat ??
Empire dont accept clan applications
y is tat ?!
Or maybe if u REALLY want to do a clan we could sell ure TGI when u get to TG5
yea !!! tat will be great !!
but we can create a clan now ?!
its 40k rite ?
well we r 4 !! so yall put 10k and i will put 20k !!
Five. Plus Nelfael.
well then its perfect !! everybody puts 10k !!!!!!
tats great !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uhm.. Filo is broke :D
yea lol
so we r The Five Flooders !!!!!!!
Hewrin, no name, Goku_30, filo and nelfael !!!!!!
ok dude !! bye
i will flood the forum alone lol
all Hail The Mightys Flooders of our lands !!!!!!
so we will create a clan fr nw and when we r rich enough, we will do a MC !!!
i have a brand new avatar service !!!!!!! https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1885430

enjoy all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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