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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
dangit i just lost to Giant Monster!!! i used a fully enchanted sword of might which is no use to barbs :D im such a genius!

1) Roulette is EVIL.. xD
2) Never play roulette, it is dangerous.. ;)
3) If u will play roulette then play it in ur limits otherwise ready to be homeless.. :p
4) Do not be addicted of roulette.. :)

First of all am i quotiong correctly?
Second this is crap man (no offence) ^^
In this case;
you are level 6 and beat a level 3 demon.... wow... good job... >.>

Copied this from the complaints forums ... i did a good job dint i?
Today we aim 1500 post okay..?
Roulette bets total: 1,022,000
Roulette winnings total: 2,024,000
Quests completed: 0

Woo >.< i think this guys been betting on black and red even and odd
Luck befalls Hydra96!
Hydra96 deals -50 damage to Hewrin. 5 Ressurected.
Hydra96 is bursting with fart!
I a from india....i like this game.. and i am very friendly in nature..

Hydra cant spell Hydra cant spell na na na na na!!!
its just my name..:)
how adorable

Ure friendly in nature but some day ure gonna kill some treefolks (those elf weirdos who entangle u without fail)
first check it!

Omg ure the weirdo whos selling the Dagger of Vengence?? how adorabler ^^
Fine fine ill buy 1 for free? xD na ill just buy one how much will it be?!?!?!?!!?
its lesser price than market
its not gonna be lesser if I sell it for a lesser price!!! -evil laugh-!
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