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need HELP in what arts to wear?

Authorneed HELP in what arts to wear?
Hi everybody,thank you for visiting.Well as the topic suggests , can anyone give me some advice on what artifacts as should wear.I am willing to spend 5000 gold coins more.Please check my current arts.
What are you looking for? Cheapest min ap or full arts (the strongest one)?
I suggest Cape of spirits and Ring of inspiration:)

They're a bit more expensive than 5000 gold but you can offord that:)
EROCSDon't answer a question with another 2 more questions!
Just kidding...
I suggest Cape of spirits and Ring of inspiration:)with the current arts you're wearing right now.
oh i really dont want magic based arts; ring of inspiration i will buy,but any substitute for cape of spirits?
oh and sorry for double post.
Im looking to buy just two more arts with as much value for money as possible:)
sorry for the third post in a row,i just remember things late:)
A art that boosts intiative or luck would be good.I had equilibrium blade for intiative but i was told its not a good choice
Ring of inspiration-morale
amulet of luck-luck
now i need something for initiative
thanks again for the answers
shoes of aspiration?
umm...any other arts(Just to check all options)
ALSO,after use the arts should sell for good price at 0 durability:)
All shop artifacts can be sold at around 65% of artifact shop price first time it reaches 0 durability.

So for after use the arts should sell for good price at 0 durability, you are referring to the more expensive ones.
Ring of abdication
ring of abdiction is a little too much of a strech.
So i guess its ring of inspiration and shoes of aspiration?
master hunter maskrobe is good because it reduces the range damage that you take by 10%
but only 10 durability and ridiculously low resale price is big problem with hunter artifacts
Shop artifacts would be the best choice.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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