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has anyone noticed that aparitons miss 75% and hit 25%.normaly i miss them twice before hitting.
50-50 chance to hit / miss
after two misses a 100% hit
after two hits a 100% miss
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.normaly i miss them twice before hitting.

That is supposed to happen. After 2 consecutive misses, you always hit, and vice versa. It is still only 50/50 chance.
after two hits a 100% miss
not true
after two misses there's a hit
but I have seen 3 consecutive hits
but I have seen 3 consecutive hits

Not possible. Only spells can reset the timer.
3 consecutive hits

It's only possible one of the hits was a spell like magic arrow, which hits everytime.

Physical attacks against this creature are only 50% likely to be successful. However, there is no way that three consecutive hits or three consecutive misses take place on every particular stack. After two consecutive hits a compulsory miss will occur, and vice versa. Incorporeal does not concern magical attacks against this creature. Any magic applied to this creature also resets the consecutive hits & misses counter to 0.
very annoying game feature: the miss.
More like very useful game feature.
Post 8 explains everything. Sometimes it is nice to see those help and FAQ pages are really full of useful info.

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