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infected strike?

Authorinfected strike?
It says something like each time successful strike lowers defence...

How to know when it lowers and by how much?

Does it show in a combat?
# Infecting strike:
Each successful attack of this creature reduces the Attack and Defense parameters of the target by 4 (neither can drop lower than zero, though).

Please read about game a little?
I know that already o_O

But when it's hit target still got the same defence and attack points!
ctrl+click on the target creature before and after the strike, you will see the difference
ctrl+click on the target creature before and after the strike, you will see the difference
On a sidenote... What i find weird is that elemental and - even more - mechanical units are affected by infected strike. This seems wrong on a logical level: those units are immune to poison (no metabolism!) but can get ill? o_O Was that so in HoMM?
Hey it affects undead units to. Infecting strikes just pwns because if you get hit by it your deserve it :(
where is the link on combat?
DerMagus, I hope I have a explanation for you - infected zombies are hosts of small bacteria - they are the source of illness. These bacteria are well known for their eating habits - they dissolve matter and eat it. Zombies carry different kind of bacteria - ones that feed on metal (thus weakening mechanical units), different elements (thus weakening elemental units) and of course bacteria feeding on living tissue.
Naturally, these bacteria are mixed together, so with every single strike of zombies machette-like weapon they are passed on zombies' victim.
I hope I explained it quite well, if you have any other doubts about Necromancer units, feel free to write me a PM ;)

well said overclocker!
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