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how many gold receive a thief if h ambuhs a hero who have
> 50.000 gold ad the thief win? the hero will lost 10% or 1 % of gold?

At this game i like the updates but i hate the thieves. because of thieves i don't play this game anyimore, and AFK, but because of update i restart plaing.
if will be impleme a thieve hunting guld, who can atak the thieves i will join hat guild.
I dont know about percent.. But i always win near 100 gold and the other losses 50 =S
Amount of gold stolen times the thief's TG level, exception is at Lv 0 the multiplier is 1.

Gold stolen is between 50 - 100 gold regardless of gold victim has.
Yeah thieves dont actually take to much gold from a victim but they do get large amounts of gold if they have high TG. I have never gained more then 84 gold from a player.
closed by Lady Straws (2009-12-15 12:02:13)
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