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Bug on skin while setting up army

AuthorBug on skin while setting up army

Few days ago i faced off a funny bug, one of my lonely splitted ghost was turned on a liche when showing its statistic, color of the the ghost turned into dark red and my 1 ghost was a 1 liche but not into battle where it turned himself into a normal ghost... i'll post a screenshot later :)
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Irrelevant Comment]
It could have been during a server update or something. If it happens again, please post here.
one time recruits which challenged me in the hunt.. they do not had their hat..
and then when i clicked on the sword.. they got it..lol:)
why dun u just post the combat id...
These may be said Easter Eggs in The Grand Update.

[i]"Part 4. Easter Eggs.

There are more updates that were not covered in this list and that we have decided to let you find. Some of them are expected, some not at all, and I believe that discovering all of them would be fun and surprise.
Thanks for reading and thanks for gaming!"[/i]
my brothers character is a barbarian.... one of his goblin wasnt holding the sword but it holding the goblins weapons
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