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Inventory on changing faction?

AuthorInventory on changing faction?
What happens when I change faction and the castle in the new faction has low inventory (warehouse) space? Do i lose artifacts? If yes, is that permanently or do I get them back when I change to my original faction?

Also, if I lose items, is it random or do I lose the least value/max value/or some other such thing.
You dont lose them. You will have 35/30 in your inventory for example. Unable to buy anything new until sell or send something away.
if you have 43 artifacts and change faction.
In youre inventory you ll see something like 43/30.

Same thing with artifacts you receive from hunts, you can get 100/30. But you can NOT buy any artifacts from the store or map unless you got a free space.
Also you would be able to get arts for thieving/hunter arts. The only problem would be buying new arts.
Thanks a lot guys :)
closed by Lord Silverhand (2009-12-16 16:38:18)
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