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Griffins low morale

AuthorGriffins low morale
i played a double hunt, griffins and vamps
the griffins froze in fear, i looked at their morale and they had -1
OMG i couldnt believe it i checked all solutions and i couldnt find any reason why both would have had it
now it has a knight and DE low level
why did they have low morale
why did they have low morale

In hunts when undead creatures join living ones, living ones get -1 morale.
"5) Merged hunts became subject to slight changes. From now on, if the factions of the two creature groups differ, their morale is 0. If one of the groups is undead and the other is neither undead, elemental, nor mechanical, the other group's morale is -1."

Grand update official announcement.
okay thanks
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