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Gift Vault


AuthorGift Vault
The Sphynx has prepared a Gift Vault for every worthy Lord! Take Her challenge to gain access to the Vault.

I'm trying to access here:

Clicking everything around and nothing is happening!

How to take the challenge?
you did the quiz ?
Do you have trinklets?
I got just 2 of them (done 3 combats and got 2) is there any others option to get them?
sadly, no....I asked clanmembers and they said they are not trade able
i got 6:)... i need to click the same icon u get anywhere ACCEPT at the middle... maybe the middleis the last one...
can u tell me hw to get them...do we hav to fight combats or we hav to fight hunts to get them..??plz tell soon...
#7 Any combat will do.
what i had to do? is this a game? or what?
For what reason do players not hunt neutral creatures on the map?
They don't know the importance of protecting the empire from wild beasts.
and what happens with middle circle?
ok another guy answered my question, if u loose u can have also one of that keys?
that's part of bad things to be higher lvl, :)
under the circle are artifacts,i got now the defender shield
Not only artifacts. Someone found 3 pieces of ore.
i got master hunter ring of dexterity and there's a big price in the golden vault.. i think thief articraft or great gold..
got in my first vault :
- Master Hunter Cutless
got in my second vault :
- Master Hunter Bow
hunting in Great Capital only would fetch us trinklets or anywhere???
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