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i have a surplus of 3 lap thing whats whyt them?
can i change thgem in others?
and locking to open others!
i have a surplus of 3 lap thing whats whyt them?
The trinklets are random
can i change thgem in others?
No, I don't think so
locking to open others!
No, no such feature exists if I'm right
sigh i cant seem to ever get the tree trinkets LOL i could open most of the gifts now if i could just get some of them tree trinkets
Is it just me, or you guys also don't get trinklets anymore after the midnight?
really random.
From the first six fights I received five, but from the last 4 I only received one
Well, I was receiving them before in 3/4 fights, but now I haven't got one for 6 or 7 fights... strange...
i dont understand...
its all random...u get it by luck not cuz you're in combat.
i got 6 trinklets that i didnt use... what a waste....
7 now

I suppost to post this in Q&H and by mistake posted here and lost it now got soooo many replies!

9 fight in a row without a trinkle... this cannot be right!
Anybody got a trinkle after midnight?
Just random
I wonder what this gift would be...?

I daubt many players will get it inculding me!

It's really hard to gather evertything to open it and that's why it's 4 every WORTHY lord!
closed by Lord HeartBreakkid (2009-12-25 07:06:21)
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