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Can't recruit anymore!

AuthorCan't recruit anymore!
during the Sphynx riddle i changed faction to knight because i wanted to give the 17+ faction skill points in a faction where it is hard to get fsp without having any (faction skill depending faction).
Of course that was wrong since i have to wait now until i can change back so i can use the vault
but i wanted to battle even if i can't win with knight (i don't have crossbows/swordsmen/faction skill). When i want to join any combat it says Troops are not organized or not sufficient. Recruit troops at the character page.
but when i go back to recruiting page it doesn't allow me to change my recruitment. Every time i change it and then press "submit" it does look like it saves the new troops setup but when i go back to recruitment page it still is the same setup as before. I suppose it has something to do with the random number send to the server each time i change my recruitment but other than that i have no clue at all.
Please help me since i can't play at all otherwise :(
This happened to me a while ago too, when I tried to do fights with just the farmers and bowmen...

Buy the Knights, and it'll work, if my memory doesn't fail me.
so if i can't afford buying the swordsmen i'm stuck? And thanks to a little new rule i will get enrollment penalty next time i enroll...
well i will try to switch back to elf tomorrow, i have everything bought over there
thanks for your help limus :)
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