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selling h,mh,gh arts for negotiable price all full dura

Authorselling h,mh,gh arts for negotiable price all full dura
Master hunter helmet-1000gold
Great hunter amulet-3600gold
Hunter shirt-450gold
Master hunter maskrobe-900gold
Great hunter sword-2000gold
Great hunter boots-1200gold
2Master hunter ring of flight-1000gold each
all are full dura
prcies are negotiable!
u can get a better price from the market
but i am giving them to you all come on people buy
I don't see a difference if you are "giving" the item to us. We still recieve the items if we buy them off the market.
Master hunter helmet-1000gold

for Chance12:no.mh helmet.no bone no bone!
up and down up and down who will but those very good artefacts?
all sold
closed by tristan29 (2009-12-30 19:32:45)
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