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pictures problem

Authorpictures problem
i wonder if anyone has the same bug, i can't see pictures in photo albums of other players, of myself - and can't even add any new ones for a few days now. tried clearing cash and all the stuff, but it is still the same.
looks like that - http://ridersofhell.do.am/bug.jpg. If it is just a game problem i guess there should be a notice somewhere or something?
The pictures in albums are linked to ip, and They used to be linked to 67.xxx.xxx.xxx (cant remember it specifically) so I think it's either changed the fileserver for pictures (without transferring the pictures across) or the ip has changed for some reason by mistake thats supposed to direct to the pictures
which means? i never tried to follow the exact ip address of the picture server and i don't think i am starting now :) how make them work again :)?
i have the same problem, realised it yesterday (or even the day before?).

i'm too interested in the solution of that problem.
my wild guess is that because of some extra connection (it is almost 500 people more on the server now than usually) the picture server has been shut and used for smoother communication of the primary one. but i come back again to the idea - why there was no notice? =) now that i see i am not the only one, it relieves me that it is not my software problem, which actually is quite a lot.
yes i have the same situation, i kept trying to download new photoes and believed that my computer was the problem now i am also relieved.
basically what I was trying to say is, (if my thought is correct), the pictures are trying to be accessed from the wrong server (it's trying to get them from a server they aren't on)
I also have the same problem everything except pictures is loaded on the page
I can't pictures too. Why is that ?!
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