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NY Throne Battle Tournament


AuthorNY Throne Battle Tournament
Tier 6 and upgrades :)

Have fun and discuss

Harvest soul - kills 1 monster in a stack
Take roots - i believe this gives unlimited retal while defending
Sphynx Warriors cast Onset Charge - +100% init. to the stack.

Very nice :)
yeah, i fought u with ur death heralds. its hard to kill...:(
Necro is one of the hardest to kill.
As a wizard, I found it easiest to kill the Necro, from my two opponents (Necro and Knight.)
Cyclops do well, i killed necromancer.
Not to brag but i won my first match and it was against Maia but congrats to him he did good : )
Battle 2:knight down
Battle 3:barbarian wasted
Does anybody know what "panacea" does?
Battle 4:dark elf raped
demon is amazing!!!
- Gains new spell
- Blade of doom - Does 1 stack of damage + normal damage
Anyone know what shadow whip is?
Battle 5:crushed by demon(too cheating)...
Nevermind, I got it.
panacea is some kind of heal and cure bad status i guess (from HOMM5)
knight weakest again...sigh
lol holy crap, split the pit demons, and they do a few hundred damage each. god that's cheap.
knights weakest?
i just lose to knight. i think treefolk is weaker than knight.
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