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The strongest team in 2vs2.


AuthorThe strongest team in 2vs2.
lvl 1/2 de/knight
lvl 3/4 wiz/necro
lvl 5-7 demon-necro / elf-barb
lvl 8-9 elf/DE
3/4 - DE + Elf
5/7 - DE + Elf
8/9 - Necro + Knight
During the competitions in the group battle tournament, I lost only 1 full arts (though I only used 24 AP) battle (level 8 and 9 combatants) as a knight, having a knight a knight as a partner almost every time.

Against 2 knights, dark elves have to charge in, as they can't kill monks/ crossbows. Smart knights will cut them down easily.

Elves have a hard time killing the ranged units of knights, do to good defense/ hp. Even if they get two lucky hits on xbows, monks can smash elven bowmen. Then griffins/ swords kill EFKs and monks mop up the rest.


Knights just have too much meat for most other factions, though wizards have their number.

As I said,

Double demon beats both demon/necro and elf/barb.


5, DE + elf is strongest no doubt, tho necro is in the same league
6-7, Demons smash elves and DEs into the ground. It's fun ^^
for lvl 7 best combination is barbarian elf if they know how to play they will certanly win trust me
Any battle with the same faction team will more than likely win

Barb vs Elf
Barb vs DE

Elf vs Barb
Elf vs Necro

I am telling u i have lost every 2 on 2 with double faction on other team
at level 10 barb are the best to have in a team, even though they're crap in a duel. just about anything with a barb becomes a nightmare to kill.
Demon and Wizard.
Oh! I am interesting in 2v2 ! anyone level 6 want to play 2v2 can pm me :)
at lvl 6 de with decent magic and wiz are very good we defeated a knight and necro with 60 mana.
you know Xerfer nice tactics but a demon tried that advandcing with a spawn wall hes sucs where down and i spiked spawns and killed wolf
Level 8 : DE and Knights .. :) Knights : LOT OF DEF and DE : LOT OF INITS
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