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The strongest team in 2vs2.


AuthorThe strongest team in 2vs2.
2vs 2 battles are very common therefore i created this topic.
at lvl 1 and 2 people generally prefer duels so much cannot be said about it.
At lvl 2 elf and barb are strong but can be easily defeated by a necro dark elf team if they have a strong magic.
Also a wiz and knight can be a deadly duo.
So according to me a wiz knight and dark elf necro can be fatal at lvl3 and 4.
At lvl 5 2 dark elfs can be deadly but not enough against a knight barb team.
So at lvl 5 a knight barb team or an elf wiz team is the strongest.
I cant say much about further lvl's cos at lvl 6 i m a noob
so plz increase this topic and my knowledge by some more info
about teams heigher than lvl5 in 2vs 2.
levels 5-7 I'd say elf and wizard are the best races for 2v2, because of the heavy firepower they both posses. Enemy will be weakend before it can get to them and thus lose the combat.
well demons and barb at level 6 is really good. demon's fast but kinda low hp, while barb have decent hp and has fast shooter too.

anything with elf is good too if the elf stone skins everything.
on lvl 6 de and kni with 2 ups are the most cool :)

on lvl 5 2 necro is very good.
2 necro @ lvl 6 is well but must be full arted like 3 luck,ect.
At level 8 i would say elf and dark elf.Shrews deal good damage with elite for the back up.And unicorns and hydras work well as a team.Druids can cast stoneskin on shrews and elven do heavy damage for those who are left.
Level 10 is probably Knight and Demon. Guardians can slowly come but their good. Cerberi can just kill the opposing unit in 1 fast turn
Under full art conditions necromancer shine from lvl 5 to lvl 7 if their racial skill is appropiate.

You can field up to 151 / 136 / 100 skeletal bowman in level 7 / 6 / 5 that is quite a lot of firepower and also a lot of hp.
after lvl 5 nothing really can be said for sure who is the best, since talents and choice of arts means a lot too.. but also the fact the placement in the battle, it means for than it does in the first thought, it is fatal for a barbarian if a de or demon facse them, but if they do not stand counter, then it is fatal for the DE's and demons, since their shrews/cerberis will be teared down very fast
it means more, than it does in the first thought*
I m just lvl 6(my main acc lvl 7)
I will start from lvl 3

Lvl 3-4: Dark Elf and Elf team up will be good enough to kill any other faction
Lvl 5: A full equip knight and a Necromancer with at least 13ap+ will be strong
Lvl 6-7: A powerful wizard and a barbarian will be good.

That's all i know cause i only lvl 7
Double demon level 6-7 beats anything, I've been there, and trust me, every faction was a breeze.

Knights: Shoot the archers... the griffins will either move to hit your spawn wall, or charge into range.. if in range shoot them.. else finish bows.

Once the griffins come, wolves + remaining succ and spawns finish them. Only problems if the knight volleys your spawns dead and his grif can now hit your wolf/spawn. Improvise and block with your succubi if you have to, you can't lose the spawns + wolves.

Kill the griffin, gather you gatings and simply wait for the perfect moment to hit the swords with retaliation and TWO hits from spawns and wolves. GG.


No longer can the druids kill all your succubi. If elf shoot succ.. you're in luck. If not, shoot the bowmen. You shouldn't have too many problems killing them. Let your wolf tease the FKs, put them so they can attack them but the FKs can't attack back. Bait them with spawns if you have to, wolves will completely slay FKs if they get the first it. Druids just aren't worth as much after level five, using your remaing troops and gatings to kill.


Use whatever succ is left after magi and maybe hero to kill stacks of magi, help with your hero. Just charge with wolf and spawns, this one is really too easy. Wizard magic is just not enough with added gatings.


Magic is a problem, without it, just sit back and let them come, shoot their rogues with succubi, gate everything, block the liz with spawns.. retal and hit, pretty simply. Even with magic, they will most likely charge you- if not, advance behind a spawn wall until you can comfortably attack.

One of the easiest. Succ shoot first = instant win. If they don't, gate them and then shoot. You can win even if the skellies get luck and kill 10 succubi- its just that easy. Advance on the slow vamps and ghosts, you have 13 ini, they have 10 and 11, you'll hit first, NP. Take care of the vamps first, step on them, and repeat with ghosts. If you lost 10 succ and only a few left, with lots of skel left, use succ to break zombie wall, charge in with wolves GG


Again, just like necro. You can win even if their 1 orc stacks go before the main one to shoot. Just gate, even with stun succ will beat orcs to a second shot. Shoot them and hang back. Your succ + gating will beat orcs, so no reason to go offensive.

Once they come focus on hob/wolf with succ, and like knight wait for right moment to attack hobs where you can hit and run back from ogre. Then wait until you can hit ogre twice, with your whole army... GG

If they had that many bows they wouldn't be playing PvP now would they? :)

Most necros level 5 have 60-75 bows.

Luck on necro is not much problem when you hit first :)
xerfer, i dont know about others.. But demon vs necro how u know u will shoot first?? -.- its random
sry for talking with my second char, also i have to say that THERE IS NOT best team.. There are lots of combination of each faction.. For example magician DE, might DE with rally, might DE with fury, also u can choose for example if getting more xbow or more melee in knight lv 8 and above.. Etc, also ur tactics in GB is very important, u said 2 demons best team, but.. What happens if they noob?? And to Hewrin #7,u said that: Cerberi can just kill the opposing unit in 1 fast turn.. Thats 100% NOT true, if enemy has efk or shrews, shrews kill ur cerberi because so much ini more, or efk can block u so u dont get the enemy.. =D Thats what i think ;)

I said Succ shoot first = instant win. If they don't, gate them and then shoot. You can win even if the skellies get luck and kill 10 succubi...

If they shoot first, you win instantly, GG.
If not, you can still easily win.
If the skeletal bowmen get luck and kill like 10, you can still win fairly easily.
What happens if they noob??

Really? That's your argument? By that logic you can refute any proposed team. What if they're noobs? Then they won't be the best! That's such a useless statement lol.
well xerfer you are probably right that such people wont play many pvp but i had as much skellies at that time and since this was a hypotetical question I just wanted them to know.

PS: I've not gone so far to assume you had a level 5 nec with faction level 9 did I? :-)
Haven't been playing much other than nec but have a great experience with them at levels 8-9. Magic build for pvp both 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 (masspoison can reach 100+ for 4 turns and gives your hero next turn 50% faster, more than enough to create panic and havoc) and might-build for pvm.

So, obviously i would say 1 magic nec on the team, and maybe combined with DE, since they have the power and initiative that magic-nec lacks. Depending on how well they are played (of course) kni/barb are good as well. Elf/demon die too fast in my opinion. Wiz are good but not combined with magic nec.

The best thing about magic(poison) nec is that you exploit enemy morale and initiative to your advantage... the more turns a poisoned stack gets the better..;o)
expensive in arts, and not really making friends on the battlefield...but dangerous like hell!
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