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sell 4x10% mithril longsword (70/70) for almost nothing...

Authorsell 4x10% mithril longsword (70/70) for almost nothing...
it's time for you to truly become a hero!

Are you loosing too much ambushes?
Do you wanna beginn to succesfully hunt for ambushing
thieves yourself?
Do you want to crack that hunting-record?
Do you want to be prepared for the incomming dwarf-war?

Or just wanna show off and impress the damsel in distress?

Do you want to WIN!?!

all this questions have been solved for you! for the perfect and affordable answer is here!

now at the market: full durability mithril longsword with 4x10% (EAWF) for just 650000 gold - you get the sword and the enchantment for free and even safe 50000 gold that would be needed to buy all the elements for it!

make your enemies tremble!

you want to go the long way 'round? you wanna enchant one yourself? no probleme - just invest a lot of time and about 130000-150000 more gold. you get the same... just not that fast and for such a low cost.

be wise - carry a BIG sword!
i would also trade it for elements - write me a PM if interested.
it's on the market again!
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