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Local Rules12.01, 11:571#4201Arctic12.01, 11:57, by Arctic
[buying/taking][ scrap shop artifacts] [0/xx]10.10, 13:572#7490latviesu lords10.12, 01:13, by #7490latviesu lords
[Sell][Penumbral ring][50/50][8820]05.28, 01:331Angel of Death05.28, 01:33, by Angel of Death
[Sell][Talisman of wardance][75/75][12920 gold]05.16, 23:361#7705Elrond05.16, 23:36, by #7705Elrond
[Buy] Scrap Arts 0/X with Repair cost > 8000 for 50 gold each.02.05, 03:202Zoro02.05, 03:22, by Zoro
[Sell] [Various artifacts]12.11, 14:271#7705SHadyReaper12.11, 14:27, by #7705SHadyReaper
[Sell/Free] [Rings of cold x 2] [[0 gold ] [2x0/42 dura]11.21, 17:022grif11.23, 23:59, by grif
[Sell] Sword of cold[A6] [36/45] [0 gold ] [0/55 dura]10.24, 00:223grif10.26, 09:45, by grif
[Sell] Ruby gladius [E11A10W10F10] [36/45] ]45k]10.10, 00:091#7705Purgatory10.10, 00:09, by #7705Purgatory
[Sell] [Sword of Cold 5/60]09.28, 10:411#7705SHadyReaper09.28, 10:41, by #7705SHadyReaper
[Sell] [Various artifacts]09.26, 11:111#7705SHadyReaper09.26, 11:11, by #7705SHadyReaper
[Sell] [Ring of Sun] [0/46] [5K]09.16, 11:554#7490Lord spiral-doom09.20, 07:25, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Sell][Jackboots of twilight][90/90][14k]09.07, 18:421#7490Dark-Ninja_lord09.07, 18:42, by #7490Dark-Ninja_lord
Sell robber's necklace 80/80 for 19k08.08, 03:401#7490Eddreine_RinLi08.08, 03:40, by #7490Eddreine_RinLi
[Sell][Ring of Cold][W10][75/75][145k]07.23, 17:451#7490barbmaster07.23, 17:45, by #7490barbmaster
[Sell][Ring of Cold][75/75][150k]05.14, 17:193grif05.15, 08:37, by grif
[sell] Ruby gladius [I9E10A9W9F9]05.08, 16:036Ur_End_Is_Here05.08, 21:01, by Ur_End_Is_Here
[Sell] Galoshes of battle for 1060 gold only!04.28, 11:361Eol04.28, 11:36, by Eol
[Sell][Fullmithril Armor][75/75][10100]04.14, 02:031Marco Reus04.14, 02:03, by Marco Reus
[Buy][Scrap Arts]03.05, 21:441Bunnie03.05, 21:44, by Bunnie
[Sell][Ring of torment][85/85][13600]01.14, 01:101#1271Ukak01.14, 01:10, by #1271Ukak
Selling: Band of Incessancy, cheaper than shop01.14, 01:081#1271Ukak01.14, 01:08, by #1271Ukak
[Sell][Mithril ring 0/65][100]12.11, 18:471Gaara12.11, 18:47, by Gaara
[Sell][Sword of Might 95/95][26000]11.20, 12:572Bunnie11.20, 19:49, by Bunnie
[Sell][Bow of light 34/49][11111]11.04, 08:185Bunnie11.07, 22:38, by Bunnie
[Sell][Composite bow 65/65][9000]11.05, 19:132Bunnie11.05, 20:18, by Bunnie
[Sell][Twilight piercer [I11E10A10W10F10]][0/20] [1 Gold]11.05, 17:351#7705molstesss11.05, 17:35, by #7705molstesss
[Sell][Various Artifacts]11.03, 12:346Bunnie11.04, 17:32, by Bunnie
[Sell][Rings of Cold]11.03, 17:424Bunnie11.03, 21:25, by Bunnie
[Sell][Various Artifacts]08.22, 07:054#7490Botmun08.27, 04:49, by #7490Botmun

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