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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][2xRuby Gladius][I10E10A10W10F10]04.09, 12:031#7490ayush2004.09, 12:03, by #7490ayush20
[Sell][Dragon's Eye][75/75][12000gold]04.05, 15:352wizardpower3204.05, 19:55, by wizardpower32
[Sell] [Mage Arts Lvl 7] [0/xx]04.05, 07:231Allamba04.05, 07:23, by Allamba
sell cape of spirits 30/3004.04, 07:322mugwort04.04, 09:10, by MrBattleControl
[Sell][Ruby Gladius][I10E11A10W10F10][90/90][75 0k]03.23, 19:214#7490ElfMoon03.30, 10:07, by #7490ElfMoon
[Sell][Ruby gladius][E11A8W8F10][41/61][170-180 k]03.20, 15:453Konan_D03.23, 09:43, by I_am_u
[Buy][ Bow of midnight still][85/85][45-47k gold]03.19, 22:562Konan_D03.22, 12:10, by Naturef
[Sell] [Mithril longsword] [I3] [90/90] [60 000gold]03.17, 15:311outrider03.17, 15:31, by outrider
[Sell][Staff of power ][65/65][7400 gold]03.10, 14:274Horah03.11, 07:04, by Tri-Force
SELL <Staff of power>03.10, 14:012Horah03.10, 14:18, by MrBattleControl
[Sell][Used Mage Artifacts][Varies]03.10, 11:352Akrisae03.10, 13:09, by Akrisae
[Sell][Blade of rebirth][I1E10A10W10F10][10/66][199 k]03.06, 22:371WoodBox03.06, 22:37, by WoodBox
[Sell] Blade of rebirth [I1E10A10W10F10] [10/66] [199k]03.05, 14:382WoodBox03.05, 16:22, by MrBattleControl
[Sell][Shard of Darkness][30/30][4750]02.22, 08:422#7705Santremus02.22, 14:50, by #7705Santremus
[sell][gladius of peasage][85/85][19000]02.15, 20:251Sairey02.15, 20:25, by Sairey
[Sell][Ruby gladius][E11A8W8F10][42/61][200k]02.08, 16:384Konan_D02.13, 13:40, by Konan_D
[Sell][Bow Of Midnight Still][65/65][10,155g]02.11, 10:551Anony-mouse02.11, 10:55, by Anony-mouse
[Sell][Various Artifacts][0 durabilities][1000gold]02.08, 22:554DerDeadman02.09, 11:30, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Second Anniversary Luck Pendant][20/25][Offer]02.08, 10:162Lord Chance1202.08, 11:22, by Wertz
[Sell][Ruby gladius][E11A11W11F11][90/90][515k]02.03, 17:204#7490HybrYdL02.05, 18:43, by #7490HybrYdL
[Sell][Various Artifacts][0 durabilities][1500gold]02.02, 05:103DerDeadman02.05, 08:06, by DerDeadman
[Sell][Ring of Abdication][E6A6][50/50][17k]02.02, 07:022#7705Santremus02.02, 08:06, by #7705Santremus
[Sell][Light mithril boots][D4F4][3k]01.31, 04:552Augustinho01.31, 16:17, by MrBattleControl
[Buy][various event artifacts]01.30, 05:132Lord susliks12301.30, 07:24, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various Level Mage Arts]01.27, 15:362AKA01.29, 10:54, by AKA
[Sell] Mage Arts [Various Levels]01.27, 12:102AKA01.27, 12:17, by ElfPride
[sell][shield of dawn][85/85][8k]01.26, 08:431seanckx01.26, 08:43, by seanckx
[Sell][Various shop arts]01.17, 19:573BarbarianRuler01.19, 19:47, by BarbarianRuler
[buy][various enchanted arts]01.18, 08:003#4201Lord DarkAtom01.19, 18:55, by #4201Lord DarkAtom
[Sell][Various Artifacts]01.19, 14:261Marquise01.19, 14:26, by Marquise

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