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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][Various Shop Artifacts]01.18, 22:041Anshuman00701.18, 22:04, by Anshuman007
[Buy][composite bow and other various enchanted arts]01.17, 22:482#4201Lord DarkAtom01.18, 05:05, by Divit
[Sell] broken state arts at the mage.01.06, 12:013A N Scriabin01.06, 12:11, by Wertz
[sell][steel helmet][36/90][1500]01.02, 21:372Knight Walker01.02, 21:41, by Knight Walker
Sell Flame Helmet E6(70/70)01.01, 08:133Sir Lord_Ankur01.01, 09:12, by ElfPride
[Trade][Ore,Wood][Other resources][1 gold]12.31, 15:423Anony-mouse12.31, 17:02, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various Enchanted Artifacts][F7]12.24, 21:032#7490Lord samlonewolf12.27, 15:17, by #7490Lord samlonewolf
Buying enchanted Mitril longsword12.26, 05:432Forsak3none12.26, 09:05, by ElfPride
[Sell][Bow of midnight still][65/65][11000 gold]12.16, 20:289comingsoon12.22, 09:14, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[Sell] [Hauberk] [0/40] [10 gold]12.19, 19:411Knightee12.19, 19:41, by Knightee
[Sell][Blade of rebirth ][E10A10W10F10][44/54]12.14, 02:1410#4201_Sworks_12.19, 14:11, by #4201_Sworks_
[Sell][Various Artifacts][0 durability][5gold]12.13, 13:234frozen-elf12.15, 06:55, by frozen-elf
[Sell][Various Artifacts][0 durabilities][1500gold]12.13, 12:452#7490iwinulose12.13, 14:38, by #7490iwinulose
[Sell][Medal of bravery][0/25][7 gold]12.12, 12:352Knightee12.13, 04:18, by Knightee
[Sell][Shop artifacts CL13][0/70-82]12.10, 22:351#7490mkland12.10, 22:35, by #7490mkland
[Sell][Combat staff][0/40]12.08, 14:372Battlemage12.08, 21:38, by Battlemage
[sell][sword of courage][45/45][5170 gold]12.08, 14:082#1209barbmaster12.08, 17:38, by #1209barbmaster
[Sell][Sword of Might][E7A7W7F7][40/76][100k-130k]12.05, 18:203MyDoom12.07, 17:58, by #4201_Sworks_
[Sell][Sword of Might][E7A7W7F7][40/76][130-160k]11.27, 04:539MyDoom12.05, 16:31, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[Buy][Various shop arts]12.04, 17:191Pravin J12.04, 17:19, by Pravin J
[buying][sword of courage][0/45 DURABILITY][100 gold]12.03, 09:511Lord T100012.03, 09:51, by Lord T1000
[Sell][Light mithril boots][0/55][5 gold]11.29, 02:052mlodypistolet11.30, 06:31, by ElfPride
[Sell][Ring of doubts][0/12][2 gold]11.29, 01:351mlodypistolet11.29, 01:35, by mlodypistolet
[Sell][Orc tyrant hatchet][0/19][1 ore]11.26, 13:592mlodypistolet11.27, 15:26, by mlodypistolet
[Buy] [All Arts] [Transfer] [Low Durability] [Resonable Price]11.26, 21:112Pravin J11.26, 22:34, by Wertz
[Buy] 0 Durablity Wooden sword/sheild11.26, 14:512Pravin J11.26, 15:51, by ElfPride
[Sell][Orc tyrant hatchet][0/19]11.26, 02:142mlodypistolet11.26, 05:17, by ElfPride
[Sell][Obsidian helmet ][E5F5][37/56]11.22, 04:133#4201_Sworks_11.22, 18:00, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[buying][sword of courage][zero durability][50 gold]11.20, 14:253Lord T100011.22, 14:55, by Lord T1000
[Sell][Various Enchanted Artifacts][F7]11.19, 17:292#7490Lord samlonewolf11.20, 21:25, by #7490Lord samlonewolf

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