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[buy][various enchanted arts]

Author[buy][various enchanted arts]
I am interested in buying arts (mainly daggers and bows) which are well enchanted (preferably 5x10,4x10 can be considered) I am really looking for a composite bow.however I am open to all sorts of arts which are enchanted but Id prefer daggers,bows,swords and other key arts.

My budget for now is limited to 150k.I will be having a bigger pocket soon.I know this is less for a 5x10 arts,so I don't expect full dura arts.repaired arts would do.

I would love a composite bow.

So final requirements

-under 150k.
-well enchanted(5x10 preferred,4x10 might do)
-daggers and bows preferred but open to other arts too.

Send PM if interested.


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