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Ordinary artifacts


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Author Last message
[Sell][Ruby Gladius E6A5][38/65][15k]10.19, 16:593#9595basion210.19, 21:02, by #9595basion2
[Buy][Enchanted arts][Upto 100k]10.15, 21:0510Slim Shady III10.18, 16:25, by Slim Shady III
[Sell][Thief Dagger][E10A10W10F10][14/22][21k]09.26, 20:522Naturef09.27, 16:17, by Naturef
[Sell][Leather Boots][920g]09.22, 18:522LITWIN09.23, 08:12, by ElfPride
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/x]09.16, 20:104Lord harddude09.22, 00:32, by Lord harddude
[Sell][Heavy mithril boots][ 85/85][10500Gold]09.19, 15:142#9595basion209.19, 15:22, by #9595basion2
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]09.01, 23:4140Pankaj_Kalra2109.17, 20:33, by Pankaj_Kalra21
[sell][Ring of contradictions] [70/70][12500]09.17, 15:241TheKnightsss09.17, 15:24, by TheKnightsss
[Sell][Sword of might][I10E10A10W10F10][22/58][400k ]09.11, 17:494#7490Theatre Of Pain09.15, 04:21, by #7490Theatre Of Pain
[sell]Flame helmet] [D10E10A10W10F10][33/49][150000]09.12, 22:512Dbest09.13, 08:48, by Dbest
[sell]Flame helmet] [D10E10A10W10F10][33/49][175000]09.11, 12:565Dbest09.12, 21:58, by Dbest
[Sell][Ruby Gladius[ E5A5F5 ] ][59/65][52k]09.12, 16:583Naturef09.12, 19:26, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Sell][Various Shop Arts]09.11, 01:292SonMike09.11, 14:58, by SonMike
[sell][Flame helmet] [D10E10A10W10F10][175000]09.11, 12:542Dbest09.11, 12:55, by Dbest
[Sell][Various Shop Arts]09.08, 14:538SonMike09.10, 10:24, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various Shop Arts]09.03, 22:455Dbest09.08, 21:43, by Dbest
[Sell][Various Shop Arts]08.31, 14:521Dbest08.31, 14:52, by Dbest
[Sell][Various Shop Arts][dura varies][at shop prices]08.30, 20:482Dbest08.31, 05:53, by ElfPride
[sell][various artifacts][0 durability][price varies]08.28, 16:353sir jed knight08.29, 20:20, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Cape of Flame][20/40][30000]08.23, 23:152necrolyt308.24, 17:02, by Lord Hallion91
[Sell][Various Arts][0/x][700]08.17, 15:542Dbest08.19, 14:00, by Dbest
[Sell][Longbow][I8E8A8W8F8][33/62][ 400k+]08.15, 19:452#7490iwinulose08.15, 20:39, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Sell][Longbow][I8E8A8W8F8][33/62][ 510k]08.11, 17:502#7490iwinulose08.12, 09:30, by #7490iwinulose
[Sell][Mithril Longsword][70/70][18350 gold]08.02, 05:489Lord harddude08.11, 04:58, by #1209Arcanide
[Sell][Protector Cuirass][full durabulity]08.10, 15:292seanckx08.10, 16:00, by ElfPride
[Sell] Items for repairing08.06, 04:193Mr_Fat08.06, 08:48, by ElfPride
[Sell][Sword of Might][I10E10A10W10F10][95/95][850k ]07.29, 20:391Angel of Death07.29, 20:39, by Angel of Death
[Sell][Ruby Gladius][E5A5W2][11/61][12k]07.29, 14:171sir jed knight07.29, 14:17, by sir jed knight
[Sell][Protectors Cuirass][12k gold]07.26, 07:541seanckx07.26, 07:54, by seanckx
[Sell][Flame Shield][70/70][10,750]07.21, 14:243Lord harddude07.24, 10:41, by #9595eddy_immanuel

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