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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][Mystical Amulet][75/75] [12k]04.26, 16:492Javi04.27, 00:10, by Wertz
[Sell][Ruby Gladius] [5x10] [65/88] [500k]04.25, 17:161Javi04.25, 17:16, by Javi
Ruby Gladius [5x10] [65/88] 575k04.18, 16:502Javi04.18, 23:27, by Wertz
[Sell][Sword of cold][0/70][1 gold]04.16, 12:492SwiftGirl04.16, 14:59, by SwiftGirl
[Sell][Defender Shield][0/40][10 gold]04.12, 19:271Naycien04.12, 19:27, by Naycien
[Sell][Various Shop Arts][0/X][150g]04.12, 07:171room123404.12, 07:17, by room1234
[sell] [Butterfly wings][50/50]03.24, 21:464lordmohammad13003.26, 12:20, by MrBattleControl
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]03.18, 20:001room123403.18, 20:00, by room1234
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]03.16, 13:161room123403.16, 13:16, by room1234
[Sell][Various Enchanted Artifacts]03.15, 15:131Helghast03.15, 15:13, by Helghast
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]03.12, 23:551room123403.12, 23:55, by room1234
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][60g]03.11, 10:251room123403.11, 10:25, by room1234
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][75g]03.09, 18:551room123403.09, 18:55, by room1234
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]02.26, 20:563room123402.28, 19:22, by room1234
[Sell] [Warrior Pendant] [60/60] [10,250g]02.25, 05:551ShieldSister6502.25, 05:55, by ShieldSister65
[Sell][Bow of midnight still][E5F5][0/65][3k]01.12, 01:551#4201_Sworks_01.12, 01:55, by #4201_Sworks_
[Buy][Various Shop Arts ][0/X][100g]01.11, 12:201girlcoolline01.11, 12:20, by girlcoolline
[Sell][Various artifacts][E1][0/xx]01.09, 16:232007z01.10, 12:52, by Skoczek
[Sell] [Sword of might] [I4E10A10W10F3]] [36/67] [95k]12.04, 18:1116Skoczek12.24, 23:37, by Skoczek
sell 0/69 Steel helmet and Staff of power 0/54 and Maskrobe 0/30 and more12.23, 16:382binbon12.23, 19:25, by MarineBiologist
[Sell][Scrap Arts][0/xx][100g]11.15, 14:361Dark-Ninja_lord11.15, 14:36, by Dark-Ninja_lord
[Sell][Pendent of wrath][60/60][10200]11.01, 19:282cyberclops11.02, 06:36, by cyberclops
[SELL][Order of Fearlessness][36/36]11.01, 09:581Stephen Clark11.01, 09:58, by Stephen Clark
Sell ( Firebender staff 70/70 )11.01, 09:141blade-the 1st11.01, 09:14, by blade-the 1st
[Sell][Obsidian Sword][50/50][6100]10.29, 15:252theangrybarb10.29, 23:37, by theangrybarb
[Sell][Ring Of Contradiction][60/60][10.7k]10.27, 08:122Stephen Clark10.27, 12:26, by Stephen Clark
[Sell][Sword of Might][E10A10W10F10][99/100][515k]10.16, 08:341Angel of Death10.16, 08:34, by Angel of Death
[Sell][Various artifacts]09.10, 08:256#7490paladinleader09.17, 03:25, by #7490paladinleader
[Buy] [Dagger Of Flame] [x/75]09.15, 12:482Skoczek09.15, 15:42, by ElfPride
Butterfly wings without enchant09.10, 20:312lordmohammad13009.11, 04:14, by ElfPride

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