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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][Sword of Might][I10E10A10W10F10][95/95][850k ]07.29, 20:391Angel of Death07.29, 20:39, by Angel of Death
[Sell][Ruby Gladius][E5A5W2][11/61][12k]07.29, 14:171sir jed knight07.29, 14:17, by sir jed knight
[Sell][Protectors Cuirass][12k gold]07.26, 07:541seanckx07.26, 07:54, by seanckx
[Sell][Flame Shield][70/70][10,750]07.21, 14:243Lord harddude07.24, 10:41, by #9595eddy_immanuel
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][100g]06.19, 06:3726Pankaj_Kalra2107.13, 19:40, by Pankaj_Kalra21
[Sell][Ring of contradictions][24/60][4200]07.04, 12:131Lord Almer07.04, 12:13, by Lord Almer
[Buy][Twilight piercer][85/85][11,000g]06.19, 07:3110#7279GGW07.04, 09:03, by #7279GGW
selling blade of rebirth and ruby gladius06.29, 16:163liers07.02, 07:07, by ElfPride
[Sell][Sword Of Might][42/98][I10E10A10W10F10][800k ]06.25, 18:582RecorderPT06.25, 18:58, by RecorderPT
[Sell][Blade Of Rebirth][71/85][25-30k]06.22, 16:112Anshuman00706.22, 19:34, by Anshuman007
[Sell][Various artifacts][0/x]06.14, 14:564Empress Ansi06.18, 15:07, by Empress Ansi
[Sell][Various arts][variable Dura][Variable Price]06.02, 11:1312Anony-mouse06.12, 13:09, by Anony-mouse
[Sell][Ruby boots F10 35/35][25k]06.09, 23:542Lord Almer06.10, 09:57, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various 0 Durability Arts][300-650]06.02, 00:0110Dbest06.08, 22:12, by Dbest
[Sell][The other Half M][4k]05.29, 22:123MyDoom05.30, 11:05, by ElfPride
[Sell][Ruby gladius][E9A7W7F9][Durability Varies][10% cheaper than its cost]05.13, 11:1537Lord Hallion9105.27, 18:48, by Lord Hallion91
[Sell][Sword Of Might][E10A10W10F10][19/29][20,000]05.18, 21:298Anony-mouse05.26, 12:14, by Anony-mouse
[Sell][Used Might Arts-Level 13][Varies]05.20, 10:361Ajith05.20, 10:36, by Ajith
[Sell][Ruby Gladiatus E5F5 ][0/68][13k]05.14, 16:193#9595basion205.14, 21:40, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Sell][Bow of Midnight still[0/64][E5F3][5k]05.14, 16:212#9595basion205.14, 20:33, by #9595basion2
[Sell][Temporal pendant][43/43][10-12k]05.13, 19:172ProSkill05.13, 19:18, by ProSkill
[sell][Lesser temporal pendant][76/76][17-19k gold]05.10, 13:411cool 105.10, 13:41, by cool 1
[sell][Temporal pendant][72/72][15-20k gold]05.09, 11:531a100805.09, 11:53, by a1008
[sell][steel helmet][90/90][6k]05.03, 11:144ishan05.03, 22:10, by ishan
[sell] Shield of Dawn 90 / 9005.03, 09:482Jester8905.03, 11:14, by Wertz
[sel]Imperial order 6th grade(0/38)04.23, 09:363supersaiyaman304.23, 12:38, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various 0 Durability Arts][300-650]04.17, 19:114velniukstis04.22, 17:36, by velniukstis
[Sell][2xRuby Gladius][I10E10A10W10F10]04.14, 12:314#7490ayush2004.18, 18:49, by #7490ayush20
[Sell][Mithril longsword][E5A5W5F5][49/64][57k]04.14, 16:371#7490gitropiks04.14, 16:37, by #7490gitropiks
[Sell][Mithril longsword][E5A5][0/70][7k]04.13, 17:431Augustinho04.13, 17:43, by Augustinho

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