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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
Butterfly wings09.09, 23:082lordmohammad13009.10, 04:07, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various artifacts]09.05, 06:471#7490paladinleader09.05, 06:47, by #7490paladinleader
[sell] Firebender staff [E12A12W5F12] + Sword of might [E10A10W10F6]08.29, 20:022KOF Z08.29, 21:40, by ElfPride
[SELL] scrap artefacts 0/xx08.22, 21:202piosk08.23, 06:18, by ElfPride
[SELL] Firebender robe [D3E8A5F6] 87999 gold08.10, 03:064#7153MagDonald08.11, 03:25, by ElfPride
[SELL] [Sword of might] [E1A1W1F1] [80/80][20k]08.09, 20:271Stephen Clark08.09, 20:27, by Stephen Clark
[Sell][Flame helmet][E5A5W5F5][63/90][113000 Gold]07.20, 17:0313SonMike08.02, 23:51, by SonMike
[Buy][Various Shop Arts][0/X][120g]01.14, 09:3122vicky66607.30, 16:37, by vicky666
[Sell][ Pendant of wrath][0/58] [150 gold]07.26, 20:542#7153MagDonald07.27, 01:58, by #7153MagDonald
[SELL][Firebender robe][D1A2W1][0/70][1 gold]07.25, 15:101#7490RADO07.25, 15:10, by #7490RADO
[sell][Ring of thorns][0/30][100 gold]07.23, 09:392Gaara07.25, 05:58, by Gaara
[sell] [Sword of might] [I4E10A10W10F3] [36/67]07.16, 10:499Skoczek07.23, 19:04, by Skoczek
[sell] 0/x low price arts 5 gold07.22, 05:012whiz07.22, 11:03, by ElfPride
[SELL][Firebender robe][D1A2W1][0/70][1 gold]07.18, 02:274#7490RADO07.20, 16:42, by #7490RADO
[Sell][Various Scrap Arts][0/X]07.15, 01:524Dbest07.18, 12:26, by Dbest
[Buy][Scrap arts][0/xx][100 gold]06.11, 14:0720The One Ring07.17, 17:35, by vicky666
[Sell][warrior pendant][0/50] [150 gold]07.15, 04:051Gaara07.15, 04:05, by Gaara
[sell][Ring of thorns][0/30][100 gold]07.14, 18:531Gaara07.14, 18:53, by Gaara
[Sell][Various Scrap Arts][0/X]07.11, 08:434#7490paladinleader07.12, 10:08, by #7490paladinleader
selling cheap Charm of captured souls 75/75 for 10k800 on the market !!!!06.30, 00:562Canisten06.30, 01:16, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Buy][Scrap Art][0/xx][100 g]06.26, 07:162#7490Lord spiral-doom06.27, 12:21, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[Buy] [Bow Of Light] [xx/85]06.03, 10:1423Skoczek06.26, 20:55, by Skoczek
[Sell][Sword of courage [I4E4][4/42][10000]06.12, 16:541Awesome199306.12, 16:54, by Awesome1993
[Sell][Sorcerer cape] [A10F10][47/52][70K]05.15, 12:1318#7490Lord spiral-doom06.05, 13:55, by #7490Lord spiral-doom
[BUY][Bow of Light]06.05, 10:551Vengeful Spirit06.05, 10:55, by Vengeful Spirit
[Buy] [Bow Of Light] [xx/85]06.01, 22:284Skoczek06.03, 07:42, by ElfPride
[SELL][Blade of rebirth [I10E10A10F10]]06.02, 13:461_-Champion-_06.02, 13:46, by _-Champion-_
[Sell][Composite bow] [I6W6F7][1/50][40K]05.31, 01:572Boozy_Bosco05.31, 01:58, by Boozy_Bosco
[SELL][Beastbane blade][0/15][35gold]05.24, 20:382mlodypistolet05.27, 14:46, by mlodypistolet
[SELL][Magical ball][0/28][35gold]05.25, 13:192mlodypistolet05.27, 06:17, by ElfPride

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