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Ordinary artifacts


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[Sell] Heavy mithril boots [D1A1F3] 0/6503.10, 10:432chakkal200103.10, 14:39, by ElfPride
[Sell][Defender rapier][60/60][21,888 gold]02.15, 03:271sexy_girlz198902.15, 03:27, by sexy_girlz1989
[Sell][Staff of Power][60/60][7575 gold]01.25, 22:482Stupefy01.26, 09:50, by Stupefy
[Sell][fullmithril armor][D8E8A8W8F8][82/91][400k]01.18, 17:171NAKED-MACHINE01.18, 17:17, by NAKED-MACHINE
[Sell][osbidian helmet][D8E8A8W8F8][77/85][385k]01.18, 17:161NAKED-MACHINE01.18, 17:16, by NAKED-MACHINE
[Sell][osbidian boots][D8E8A8W8F8][78/86][400k]01.18, 17:051NAKED-MACHINE01.18, 17:05, by NAKED-MACHINE
[Sell][Shop Arts][very cheap prices]01.15, 04:104TNT201.15, 04:31, by TNT2
[buy][shop artifacts][0/x durability][100]01.11, 17:403Kian The great01.14, 12:12, by Kian The great
buying 0/x durability arts01.11, 14:252Kian The great01.11, 15:21, by Wertz
[Buy][Bow Of Midnight Still][85/85][30K]01.10, 20:361Lord evil_devil01.10, 20:36, by Lord evil_devil
[Buy] [Sword Of Cold] [25k]12.26, 15:5110Skoczek01.02, 13:59, by Skoczek
[Buy] [Sword Of Cold] [30k]12.25, 13:542Skoczek12.26, 09:54, by ElfPride
[Sell][Various Artifacts][0/X][150 gold each]12.24, 12:531#7490paladinleader12.24, 12:53, by #7490paladinleader
[Sell][Heavy mithril coif][0/70][400 gold]12.21, 11:023#7490paladinleader12.22, 05:17, by #7490paladinleader
[Sell][Sorcerer Signet]12.13, 12:215warrior4912.19, 05:09, by warrior49
[Sell][Flame Shield][10,850 each][70/70]12.15, 19:262#7705Santremus12.16, 20:18, by #7705Santremus
[Sell][ Sword of might [I10E10A10W10F10][22/64]12.16, 00:561RecorderPT12.16, 00:56, by RecorderPT
[Sell] [Various artifacts]12.15, 17:011Dragjons9012.15, 17:01, by Dragjons90
[Sell][Flame Shield][10,850 each]12.14, 17:252#7705Santremus12.15, 08:42, by ElfPride
[Sell][Ruby gladius][I5E8A8W8F5][54/60][70k]12.08, 22:412Fair Play12.09, 22:44, by Fair Play
[sell][scroll of energy][67/70][8300 gold]12.07, 13:363ishan12.08, 19:09, by great-
[Sell][Cape of arcane protection][N8E8A8W8F8][41/45][70k]12.08, 10:132Fair Play12.08, 16:40, by Fair Play
[Sell][Sorcerer cape][53/59][F10][35k]12.02, 16:421#4201_Sworks_12.02, 16:42, by #4201_Sworks_
[SELL][Sorcerer cape][0/71][450g]11.22, 22:361#7153MagDonald11.22, 22:36, by #7153MagDonald
[Sell][Protector Cuirass]}[50/50][12k]11.13, 13:521seanckx11.13, 13:52, by seanckx
[Buy][Shop Arts][0/x]11.12, 18:163I Am CR711.13, 10:40, by I Am CR7
[sell][Shield of glory][0/40][10 gold]11.10, 18:392mlodypistolet11.11, 16:42, by mlodypistolet
[sell][Penumbral ring][0/50][10 gold]11.10, 22:572mlodypistolet11.11, 15:24, by mlodypistolet
[sell] [Platemail] [90/90] [11.000 gold]11.02, 04:482Jester8911.04, 12:25, by Jester89
[sell][Manuscript of focus][85/85][8500 gold]10.26, 10:011lostperson10.26, 10:01, by lostperson

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