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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Buy][Scrap Arts]01.08, 14:453Luffy01.09, 15:17, by Luffy
[sell][scrap arts][used]01.08, 19:461chikish01.08, 19:46, by chikish
[Sell][Platemail][F5][94/95][30k gold]01.06, 18:191chikish01.06, 18:19, by chikish
[Sell] [Warlock jackboots 90/90] [12k]01.06, 15:472Sheamus01.06, 16:08, by Sheamus
[platemailF5][94/95][25k]01.05, 20:343chikish01.06, 11:45, by Wertz
[Buy][Ring of cold][75/75][150k]12.24, 10:421Fallen Atheros12.24, 10:42, by Fallen Atheros
[Sell][Mystical Amulet][0/68][500]12.18, 14:441Mycroft12.18, 14:44, by Mycroft
[sell][sorcerer signet][70/70][10500]11.27, 18:591Mycroft11.27, 18:59, by Mycroft
[Buy][scroll of energy][89/90][8.5k]11.20, 23:072Mycroft11.23, 21:18, by Mycroft
[Sell][Obsidian shield][0/89][7800]11.19, 22:051Lady sofiouta11.19, 22:05, by Lady sofiouta
[Sell][Various artifacts][0/70]11.19, 00:511#7705Ursa11.19, 00:51, by #7705Ursa
[Sell][Sword of Cold][0/85][39999 gold]10.28, 05:521randomr110.28, 05:52, by randomr1
[Buy][Various Arts]10.27, 12:021Mycroft10.27, 12:02, by Mycroft
[sell][platemail(f5)][30k][95/95]09.20, 14:342chikish09.21, 17:09, by #7490Lord STB
[Buy] [Bow Of Light/Sword of cold] [xx/84-85]09.19, 12:462#1209ForgottenHunter09.19, 20:27, by Wertz
[Buy][Scrap Arts]09.02, 21:484_uNboRn_09.06, 07:35, by Ipsen
Sell mithril sword 0/47 E7A7W7 7k08.03, 22:102charmingelf08.04, 20:35, by #7490MrBattleControl
[Sell][Various artifacts][Various Enchants][50k]07.28, 18:321#7490Ektoras07.28, 18:32, by #7490Ektoras
[Buy] [Scrap arts]07.26, 14:193#7490Meshy07.26, 17:57, by Pravin J
[Sell][Ring of thorns][0/30][18g]07.25, 16:402mlodypistolet07.25, 21:15, by mlodypistolet
[Sell][Obsidian sword][0/50][15g]07.22, 18:351mlodypistolet07.22, 18:35, by mlodypistolet
[Sell][Sword of Cold][82/85][60k]06.23, 06:271Night Crawler06.23, 06:27, by Night Crawler
[Buy][Scrap Arts]05.16, 04:382#7705Bheem05.16, 12:05, by #7705Bheem
[Sell] [Sword of might] [I4E10A10W10F3]] [36/67] [90k]04.30, 00:287Skoczek05.07, 05:21, by Skoczek
[Sell][Ruby Gladius][5x10][65/88][400k]05.03, 14:502Javi05.06, 02:54, by Javi
[Sell] [Light Temporal Shield] [21/50] [ 8.5k]05.05, 11:102siddi111105.05, 17:19, by siddi1111
[Sell] [Mithril longsword][70/70] [17,018 Gold]04.30, 12:303sexy_girlz198904.30, 19:36, by sexy_girlz1989
[Sell][Ruby Gladius] [5x10] [65/88] [450k]04.29, 17:001Javi04.29, 17:00, by Javi
[Sell][Various artifacts]04.26, 13:432#7490ElfMoon04.27, 06:59, by #7490ElfMoon
[Sell][Sword of Might][100/100] [84k]04.26, 16:192Javi04.27, 00:11, by Wertz

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