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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][Sword of might] [E7A7W7][10k]05.02, 11:393Ur_End_Is_Here05.03, 08:23, by #7490Meshy
[Sell] [Dragon’s Eye] [60/60] [10,500 Gold]04.29, 08:212Lord KD04.29, 08:51, by Lord KD
[Sell] [Various Arts] [Various Price]04.09, 14:452mikethruler04.09, 17:15, by mikethruler
[Sell] [Cloaks] [Various Prices]04.02, 16:366Lord KD04.07, 21:59, by Lord KD
[Sell][Scrap Arts][6 gold each]04.03, 09:061Cupcake04.03, 09:06, by Cupcake
[Sell] [Cloaks] [Slightly Used]04.02, 10:123Lord KD04.02, 13:32, by #7490Meshy
[Buy][Scrap Arts][5 gold each]10.12, 03:062-Rory-10.12, 16:45, by -Rory-
[Buy][Mithril dagger][I12E12A12W12F12] [6/6] [6k]07.24, 15:141Nowar07.24, 15:14, by Nowar
[Sell][Presents]07.18, 14:563PLaY LikE a PRO07.22, 18:33, by PLaY LikE a PRO
SELL[Ring of torment 75/75]07.22, 04:281RicHunter07.22, 04:28, by RicHunter
Sell[Ruby quarterstaff 90/90]07.22, 04:271RicHunter07.22, 04:27, by RicHunter
[sell][scrap arts] low lvl07.16, 02:552RicHunter07.16, 03:38, by RicHunter
[Sell][Sword of might I12E12A12W12F12 (18/27)][45k]07.02, 12:021Naturef07.02, 12:02, by Naturef
[Sell] [Twilight piercer [I11E10A10W10F10] [0/20] [900 gold]06.28, 12:071molstesss06.28, 12:07, by molstesss
[Sell][Various artifacts][Various Enchants][50k]05.13, 14:422#7490Ektoras05.15, 19:36, by #7490Ektoras
[SELL][ Leader Cuirass] [37/37] [18K]04.15, 17:541Blossoms04.15, 17:54, by Blossoms
[Sell][Blade of rebirth][E11A11W10F11][20/66][60k]04.05, 07:432ayush2004.06, 14:31, by ayush20
[Sell] [Blade of rebirth] [34/81] [E9A7W8] [55k]04.03, 22:422WoodBox04.06, 00:26, by WoodBox
[Sell][Obsidian shield][0/89][3000]03.21, 07:541Lady sofiouta03.21, 07:54, by Lady sofiouta
[Buy][Cloak of Sun]03.18, 09:372The One Ring03.18, 09:37, by The One Ring
[Sell] [Various artifects] [Various Price]02.21, 08:272Sheamus02.22, 18:09, by Sheamus
[Sell] [Leader cuirass] [24/24] [7k]02.10, 12:331Neon1002.10, 12:33, by Neon10
[sell][ sword of cold ][I10E10A10W10F10] [60/80][400k]02.04, 21:492Mycroft02.06, 20:51, by Mycroft
[Sell] [Sword of might] [I12E12A12W12F12] [66/100] [820k]01.31, 14:411#57Вещий_Олег01.31, 14:41, by #57Вещий_Олег
[Buy] [Ring Of Cold] [0/XX] [100k]01.23, 12:574Skoczek01.26, 09:59, by Skoczek
[Sell] [Sword of might] [37%] [36/67] [80k]01.20, 12:103Skoczek01.23, 11:54, by Skoczek
[Buy][Scrap Arts]01.08, 14:453#7490Luffy01.09, 15:17, by #7490Luffy
[sell][scrap arts][used]01.08, 19:461chikish01.08, 19:46, by chikish
[Sell][Platemail][F5][94/95][30k gold]01.06, 18:191chikish01.06, 18:19, by chikish
[Sell] [Warlock jackboots 90/90] [12k]01.06, 15:472Sheamus01.06, 16:08, by Sheamus

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