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[Sell][Various Artifacts]

Author[Sell][Various Artifacts]
I am clearing my inventory of old event arts and small enchants that are lower than my level and so no use to me.

All prices quoted are either approximate repair cost ignoring enchants or current market price. As such these are fair prices, I am not wishing to profit from .commers. That being said I will accept offers if fair.

forest dagger26/2611000
robbers helmet59/5915500
greater amulet of dungeons 65/6520000
forest bow21/2111000
pirate captain cloak67/6722500
pirate captain cloak69/6924000
lumberjack axe40/4014500
pirate captain dagger60/6032000
tactician jackboots75/7522000
ring of balance55/8310000
ring of balance54/8510000
locket of crystalised tears [E2A5F4)40/487000
warlock crown [D2A3W1F1]58/685500
Mithril Staff [E6A4W2F1)45/6912000
Ruby Gladius [E7A7W7F7]54/6515000
sorcerers sandals [D2E2A1F1]57/637500
Sorcerers signet [N3E5A5W1F5]23/595000
Sorcerers Signet [N2E1A6F5]23/595000
forest dagger 26/26 11000
robbers helmet 59/59 15500
greater amulet of dungeons 65/65 20000
forest bow 21/21 11000
pirate captain cloak 67/67 22500
pirate captain cloak 69/69 24000
lumberjack axe 40/40 14500
pirate captain dagger 60/60 32000
tactician jackboots 75/75 22000
ring of balance 55/83 10000
ring of balance 54/85 10000
warlock crown [D2A3W1F1] 58/68 5500
Mithril Staff [E6A4W2F1) 45/69 12000
Ruby Gladius [E7A7W7F7] 54/65 15000
sorcerers sandals [D2E2A1F1] 57/63 7500
Sorcerers signet [N3E5A5W1F5] 23/59 5000
Sorcerers Signet [N2E1A6F5] 23/59 5000
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