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[Sell] [Various artifacts]

Author[Sell] [Various artifacts]
Hi, i am trying to free up inventory space. For the arts listed below. Just shoot me an email if you want. I am happy to be rid of them for lower than market prices.

Firebender robe 85/85

Firebender robe 90/90

Cape of arcane protection 40/50

GH maskrobe 10/10

beastbane bow 15/15

hunterbroadsword - free

tactician hatchet, tactician band of force and tactician jackboots - all are 75/75
A couple more.

Great temporal robe 51/53

General's ring 60/71

Ring of contradictions 23/60

Gh ring of charm 9/10

Sorcerer sandals 57/75

Warlock jackboots 14/70

Great temporal dagger 24/40

Scroll of energy 90/90

Maskrobe 20/30

Mystical amulet 35/59

Firebender crown 38/70

Again, just write me what you are willing to pay. If it is somewhat reasonable i will be happy to be rid of them.
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