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[Buy][Scrap arts][0/xx][100 gold]

Author[Buy][Scrap arts][0/xx][100 gold]
Well, they need to lv8+ arts though :)
send 'em to my inventory and i'll buy when i am free.
*only shop arts.
Topic moved from "Ordinary artifacts" to "Off-game forum".
Topic moved from "Off-game forum" to "Ordinary artifacts".
My conditions have changed.
I now accept only might arts whose repair cost is greater than 8k and <lv15
Thank you.
repair cost is greater than 10k and <lv15
repair cost is greater than 8k and <lv15
Inventory full.
Need time to accet arts.
70 gold for now.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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