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[sell][various artifacts][0 durability][price varies]

Author[sell][various artifacts][0 durability][price varies]
i am selling-
steel helmet- 120 gold
amulet of luck- 50 gold
steel cuirass- 160 gold
sword of might(*3)- 200 gold/each
sword of stiffness- 120 gold
dragon shield- 200 gold
steel boots- 140 gold

Six-faceted signet ring- 500 gold

Light temporal boots- 300 gold

Pm me if you are interested in buying:)
Six-faceted signet ringsold
Next time, please read the local rules more carefully. The most proper title would be like this:

[sell][various artifacts with 0 durability]

This is a very good alternative even if it is stretching the rules a little:

[sell][various artifacts][0/x]
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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